how will i die

When you will die: Monday August 4, 2014, at age of 114.
Where you will die:
Nursing Home43.10%
In Patient33.70%
Out Patient/ ER4.00%
Other places2.80%
Dead on Arrival1.00%
Status unknown0.00%
Place unknown0.00%
How you will die:
Heart disease38.20%
All other causes19.60%
Malignant cancer11.70%
Influenza and pneumonia4.80%
Alzheimer's disease4.30%
Lower respiratory disease4.20%
Diabetes 2.10%
Kidney disease1.80%
Blood poisoning1.40%
Who died on August 4:

2001 - Voice of Garfield the Cat - Lorenzo Music, dies at 65, lung cancer
2000 - Former Georgia state senator - Thomas Allgood Sr., dies at 71, plane crashed
1978 - Actor - Frank Fontaine, dies at 58, heart attack


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